Seeq + Microsoft Azure: Faster Process Manufacturing Insights to Drive Bottom Line Results

Seeq enables advanced analytics on process manufacturing data. When deployed as Seeq SaaS on Azure, in a private cloud on Microsoft Azure or on-premise, Seeq connects to disparate data sources to provide a single view of process manufacturing data at scale—all without copying or changing source data. Users can cleanse, contextualize, and investigate time series and relational data to diagnose issues and share their findings across the organization. With real-time collaboration between data scientists and subject matter experts, Seeq’s deep insights enable organizations to improve product quality, asset availability, and yields.

The combination of Microsoft and Seeq pairs a secure cloud services platform with innovation in advanced analytics. Seeq can access and contextualize time series and relational data stored on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, or even Microsoft Excel files. End users can access cleansed process manufacturing data in Seeq and export data sets to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power BI via OData. With Azure ML Studio, data scientists can use Seeq to access prepared process data, create machine learning models, and share advanced calculations in Seeq Workbench.

Seeq has been available in the Azure Marketplace since 2018 and in 2020 was a Microsoft Energy Partner of the Year Finalist. Seeq works with Microsoft customers in all process manufacturing verticals including oil & gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, chemicals, and more to improve production and business outcomes. To earn Azure Marketplace status, Seeq has demonstrated customer commitment and compatibility with Microsoft cloud offerings.

Microsoft Energy Core
  • Simple deployment: Easily connect, integrate, index, and cleanse process automation data in Seeq. Seeq is scalable and secure, growing with the needs of any organization. Seeq runs on an Azure cloud environment, as a managed SaaS service, or on-premise using a Windows Server.
  • Bridge data silos: Seeq connects to process manufacturing data sources, whether on-premises or on Azure, enabling users to easily prepare data for analysis. With these insights they can make informed business decisions without manipulating or changing underlying data.
  • Predict, democratize, prevent: With reports and dashboards, Seeq enables users to perform root cause analysis, democratize those insights, and collaborate across the organization to determine the best course of action.
Microsoft Azure Marketplace
“Seeq’s focus on driving advanced analytics innovation in process manufacturing organizations makes it an ideal addition to the Azure ecosystem. As Microsoft enables digital transformation initiatives in process manufacturing and IIoT customers, we are excited for the insights Seeq will deliver.”

– Sam George, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure IoT

Seeq enables advanced analytics for a major oil and gas organization, cutting data analysis from 4 months to 30 minutes with Microsoft Azure

A Microsoft Energy Core partner, Seeq delivers innovation as features in easy-to-use, advanced analytics applications built on Microsoft Azure. Seeq accesses industrial time series, IoT, and contextual data from historians, the Azure data platform, and business systems. With native connectors for Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics, and more, Seeq enables data scientists to collaborate with environmental engineers and use Azure ML techniques to reduce emissions, improve energy consumption, and curtail waste. Seeq analytics can be exported to Microsoft Power BI and used to create automation workflows in Microsoft Power Automate.

Accelerate Operational Analytics with Seeq and Microsoft Azure

Join Seeq and Microsoft for an online demonstration of operational insights achieved through advanced analytics. Discover how process manufacturing industries are driving reliability, converging OT/IT data, and improving production outcomes with Seeq and Microsoft Azure. You’ll walk away from this webinar knowing how you can gain rapid time to value and apply best practices in the analytics process in order to maximize efficiency.

Seeq helps process manufacturers turn Microsoft Azure data into easily shared insights.

Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturers that enables organizations to rapidly investigate and share insights from Microsoft Azure, process, and contextual data. Data solutions for process manufacturers include data-driven optimization, simpler compliance and strategy, and easily share between teams.

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