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Seeq® is founded on the premise that many process manufacturing organizations are DRIP “Data Rich, Information Poor” (DRIP) and the number will increase with new sensor deployments and higher data creation rates driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As a result, the existing need for solutions for process manufacturing companies to derive insight from their data will only become more widespread and important in the future.

Seeq’s vision is to address this requirement by closing the gap between advancements in data and computer science - big data and machine learning as examples – and the software available to engineers and plant employees, delivering innovation as features in easy to use, advanced analytics applications. In addition the Seeq vision includes the needs of whole organizations including collaboration, publishing, and IT requirements that span teams, plants, and divisions. Finally Seeq includes the flexibility of on premise or in the cloud and distributed deployments to “future proof” customer investments and accommodate organization strategies for data collection and management.

With Seeq, customers will achieve better, faster insights on their data, take action on insights more quickly and improve their production and business metrics.

Seeq is supported by a broad set of process automation vendor partnerships such as OSIsoft, Honeywell, and Siemens, and by system integrator partners for sale licensing and services around the globe. Additional partnership and licensing agreements are currently underway with other industrial automation vendors and will be announced when finalized.




Seeq is a venture-backed software company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. We have a successful and accomplished executive team which brings experience and expertise in process manufacturing, mission critical systems, and software development from Honeywell, OSIsoft, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Siemens, Honeywell and many other firms. The founders and board of directors have extensive experience with successful start-up ventures in high-growth environments.

Seeq is organized as a virtual company to attract the best talent across the country and around the globe.



Our Approach & Values

Seeq follows agile software development techniques which rely on frequent customer touches, demonstrations, and reviews. The result is a shorter time to useful features with a faster response cycle to customer input and requests.

Technical team members include big data architects with domain and industry experience, computer scientists experienced in grid computing and distributed systems, and data scientists specializing in advanced analytics and visualization. With this broad experience, the Seeq team is able to deliver an advanced application for better business outcomes and company improvement through industrial process data-driven decision making.

Act with Integrity
At Seeq, our reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We strive for strong and lasting relationships both inside and outside the organization. These can only be maintained when we abide by applicable laws and regulations, take responsibility for our actions and demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct in everything we do.

Make a Difference for Our Customers
Our customers trust us with providing insights to critical missions. This fact inspires us to take on the toughest challenges, drive for results and work side by side with our customers on products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. When faced with conflicting alternatives we prefer the ones that maximize customer satisfaction. We are passionate about what we do and proud of what we can accomplish as a team to ensure our customers’ success.

Value Every Team Member
It takes a highly talented, diversified team to do what we do at Seeq. We understand that every member of our organization is here because they have a perspective, a skill and a set of experiences that can add value to our business. As such, we strive for an environment based on inclusion, teamwork, mutual respect and positive interactions.

Promote Agility and Creativity
Building our reputation as a pioneer and industry leader requires that we continuously strive for innovative, cutting-edge solutions. As we grow and formalize our processes, we must oppose “bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake,” eliminate barriers to cooperation or resource sharing across the organization, and critically evaluate anything that limits our agility or creativity.

Support Our Community
Our employees live and work across the country and around the world. Everywhere we are, we strive to leave local businesses, community residents, and the land around us better as a result of our presence. We also recognize our responsibility to our employees and their families. Seeq encourages its teammates to seek a balance between work and life outside the office.

Exercise Financial Responsibility
We are in partnership with our stakeholders to seek a fair return on our products and services and to exercise fiscal responsibility with our resources. In so doing, we will add to Seeq’s financial strength and ability to compete in our chosen markets.

Continuous Improvement
Our future success depends on our willingness to learn from past experiences and relentlessly pursue opportunities for improvement. We will continue to thrive by embracing and capitalizing on change, which is an essential part of transforming Seeq for the future.



When Steve Sliwa and Brian Parsonnet originally organized Seeq, they decided to pledge 1% of the initial founding equity to community organizations. Although Seeq was organized as a virtual business that was planning to disrupt technologies and make a difference globally, Steve and Brian were committed to support the founding communities.

Seeq made awards of warrants to Entrepreneur’s Foundation of the NorthWest (EFNW) and the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Colorado (EFCO). EFNW was hosted by Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) and ultimately merged into OEN. EFCO was hosted by the Community Foundation of Colorado in Boulder and EFCO has recently been rebranded as Pledge 1 Colorado.

Seeq is proud that its founders included community support as part of the founding vision of Seeq. Seeq has subsequently been involved in community volunteer activities during meetups.


Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado - Pledge 1%
Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest


Seeq employees moving a local food bank during a team meet up.
Seeq employees moving a local food bank.

Seeq employees moving a local food bank during a team meet up.


Organizational memberships include:

Gorge Technology Alliance
Grid Forward