Industry-Relevant, Customizable Exercises & Use Cases with Real Data

Unique, engaged virtual training format - Instructors watch & interact with each learner’s work, and can thus customize pace to the group and focus on the specific group’s interests and questions. All instructors are engineers/data scientists with industry experience (no “software trainers”).



1.5 hr hands-on introduction to advanced analytics, focusing on an anomaly-detection use case and building a shareable report.

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Practice the Foundation Analytics Skills that comprise the basis for most advance data analytics, then sharing insights through auto-updating reports & dashboards.

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Advanced Workbench

Deepen your analytics skills in Seeq Workbench. Topics include identifying complex behaviors and anomalies, calculating more complex boundaries and limits for monitoring, and more.

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Data Lab

2-hr intro to integrating Python scripts into your analytics, including deploying algorithms, creating custom visualizations, prototyping asset structures, and more.

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Seeq Instructor

Learn the hard and soft skills needed to guide learners through our innovative Foundations Analytics Skills curriculum.

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Seeq Server Admin

Install and maintain a Seeq server, connect data sources, administer users and use groups, manage data and items, and more.

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