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How can we engage learners at scale, across the whole organization?

We have found that, since learners are often too busy individually to make time for signing up for the training of their own volition, the organization must support and make time for learning, usually through Planned Rollouts.

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1. Rollout Planning

The most effective large-scale learning endeavors - and we’ve been involved in digital transforamtion efforts involving thousands of learners - rely on centralized planning and resourcing. We assumed when we started doing these rollouts that, because we got such good feedback from learners that the software and skills gained made their jobs so much easier, we would have natural, “organic” growth in engagement – people would see others using it and sign up for training voluntarily, increase software use, etc. But we found that time limitations and focus on completing current tasks often prevented that individual motivation. We offer comprehensive large-scale rollout planning tools, including information on planning governance & project management, delivery & tracking, internally-led awareness campaigns, training internal resources, and of course training SMEs at scale.

2. Train Power Users & Internal Resources

As part of the planned rollout, we encourage you to invest in, and can help you skill up, a core group of data analytics champions & leaders.

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