Deployment: Simple, Flexible, Scalable

Seeq deployment is simple, flexible, and scalable. Whether Seeq is deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a mixed environment, Seeq connects to disparate data sources – from one or many vendors – to enable advanced analytics on process manufacturing data. With Seeq, organizations can easily connect, contextualize, calculate, and cleanse data to find insights and improve production and business outcomes. Learn more about Seeq deployment options.

Seeq offers:

Ultimate flexibility: From local historians to data platforms, such as the OSIsoft PI System, to IIoT platforms and cloud data services like AWS Timestream, Azure Data Explorer, or cross cloud services like Snowflake, Seeq connects to data sources without copying or duplicating data.

Seamless Scalability: Seeq can connect to one or many, local or remote data sources and can easily scale to accommodate any number of users, data sources, and calculation load.

Future proof functionality: Seeq’s architecture ensures it will support your current data infrastructure as well as your future data strategy. Seeq enables the same advanced analytics, regardless of whether Seeq—or data sources—reside in the cloud, on premise, or any combination of both.

Rapid setup for rapid insights: Seeq can be set up to run on a dedicated server or virtual machine. Seeq then connects to data sources, including data services, historians, and contextual data sources and indexes their tag names for access and analytics in about 30 minutes for an average system.

Deployment options:

In the cloud:

Managed SaaS solutions:

On premise:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux