Data-Driven Control Insights: Digging Deeper


When implemented thoughtfully, crew-based data analysis can facilitate productive cross-team collaboration, whereby shift crews and process engineers work together to identify and resolve operational obstacles.

Key principles for advancing sustainability

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

Seven principles that organizations are learning as they embrace the transformation process, aiding the shift towards continuous, real-time responsiveness.

British Columbia refinery succeeds with Seeq's self-service analytics

— Control Global

Parkland’s Burnaby refinery near Vancouver, B.C., uses Seeq software to filter data, measure models and solve other problems.

Reimagining Reliability Analytics

— Hydrocarbon Processing

Driving agile digital transformation in a complex world

— Control Engineering

Employing the concept of the Trojan Mouse, process manufacturers should start small to win big when it comes to digital transformation initiatives.

Discover new levels of efficiency in pharma manufacturing with advanced analytics

— Pharmaceutical Processing World

Discover new levels of efficiency in pharma manufacturing with advanced analytics.

Digital transformation: a journey of business, culture and organization

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

By embracing digital transformation, companies position themselves to remain competitive in tightening markets by optimizing business and operational procedures, in addition to providing deliverables in formats and quantities expected by stakeholders.

Advanced Analytics Drive Sustainability


Leverage models and algorithms to reduce costs, waste, and carbon emissions.

Advanced analytics enhance asset performance management

— Processing Magazine

Understanding organizational capabilities, infrastructure and objectives are key to avoiding common pitfalls when it comes to researching, selecting and implementing an asset analytics solution.