Seeq + the OSIsoft ™ PI System™: Faster Insights, Better Decisions

As an OSIsoft ISV partner and PI World Gold Sponsor and, Seeq is committed to PI System users. By enabling users to generate faster insights so they can make better decisions, Seeq helps organizations get even more value from their PI System, the system of record for operational data management. From oil and gas to pharmaceutical to food and beverage, Seeq has worked with many OSIsoft customers to improve production and business outcomes.

Whether it’s deployed in the cloud or on premise, Seeq connects quickly to OSIsoft PI System data archives to provide a single view across one or multiple PI Systems. Seeq users can then cleanse, perform calculations, and analyze PI System data, including context from relational data sources such as MES, batch, and other applications, to diagnose and predict issues and share their findings across the organization. With real-time collaboration and deeper insights, Seeq enables organizations to improve quality, availability and yield metrics.

Seeq also integrates with all components of the PI System platform. This includes integration with Asset Framework (AF) for asset analytics and asset relative displays as well as Event Frames and PI Notifications. The combination of Seeq and the PI System couples an exceptional data infrastructure platform with innovation in advanced analytics for faster time to data-based decisions.

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  • Simple deployment: Easily connect, integrate, index, and cleanse data in Seeq, regardless of whether the PI System is in the cloud or on-premise. Seeq is scalable and searchable, growing with the needs of any organization.
  • Maximize PI System investments: Seeq seamlessly integrates with PI System tools, including operationalizeing Seeq insights in Asset Framework calculations, adding a robust layer of advanced analytics and critical context to PI System data. Seeq Server runs in the customer’s IT environment or as a SaaS option using OSIsoft Cloud Services.
  • Predict, democratize, prevent: With reports and dashboards Seeq enables users to perform root cause analysis, democratize those insights, and collaborate across the organization to determine the best course of action.
“Using Seeq, our shared customers to rapidly gain additional insights into their PI data that drive improvements in yield, quality, and margins within process manufacturing organizations.”

– Patti Sullivan, Director, Cloud, Channel, and Community North America
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For more information on Seeq & OSIsoft integration please view our webinar.

Access to insights and the number of empowered engineers in the plant have grown exponentially as OSIsoft PI System data has become even more valuable. The video demonstrates the implementation of the OSIsoft PI System and Seeq in Lonza to deliver an advanced analytics solution in the organization.

Covestro recently launched a digitization initiative called ProDAVis, standing for Process Data Analysis and Visualization. This technology, used with an OSIsoft PI platform and Seeq, gives them the power of advanced analytics when it comes to process monitoring.

In an effort to prevent sewer spills in Tasmania, TasWater sought out approaches to reduce the likelihood and impact of these events occurring in the future. One of the approaches investigated was to leverage live and historical data to provide an online monitoring tool to detect these events ahead of current detection methods.

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