Seeq for IT: Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing

Seeq’s role in improving production outcomes and results on the manufacturing plants and facilities also provides opportunities for improving business outcomes. This is because Seeq may be used to bridge between manufacturing data and front-line operational expertise and IT business applications, data scientists, and business. The result is an integrated, holistic approach to manufacturing analytics across all enterprise data sources: silos and datalakes, ERP systems and SCADA, on premise and in cloud. Seeq’s flexible, scalable, and secure approach to connecting to many types and sources of data while enabling advanced analytics for diagnostic, predictive, and descriptive analytics helps businesses improve bottom line results while ensuring compliance with IT governance standards.

Seeq works with your existing infrastructure, standards, and data sources and ensures the flexibility required by organizations need to adapt to their future demands. For example, Seeq supports your governance models for data security, user administration, deployment flexibility, and availability.

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Seeq offers:

Safe, secure, compliant: With user authentication, role-based access, and secure connectivity no matter where you deploy, Seeq ensures compliance with IT governance standards.

Simplified deployment for immediate insights: Seeq can easily be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a mixed environment. Seeq quickly connects to local historians, data lakes, or other direct or distributed data sources, enabling user to gain access to the process manufacturing insights they need.

Future proof technology: Seeq enables you to change setup and deployment as your organization changes and grows. Given its flexible, scalable approach, Seeq ensures long term support and compliance with any future data or migration changes.

Deployment options:

In the cloud:

Managed SaaS solutions:

On premise:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux