Learn why partnering with your CSM on your Seeq journey is essential to your team's success.

Written by Lindsey Wilcox on July 06, 2023


The Life of Seeq within an Organization 

The launch of Seeq within an organization starts after months and months of just expecting. 

Your team has likely researched all the analytics software packages on the market, compared features, and worked through the hurdles of bringing a new software solution into your organization before you’re ready to start the formal Seeq rollout. For the Seeq Customer Success Management (CSM) team, this is where our work begins. 

As a member of the Seeq CSM team and a mother of two toddlers, it’s natural for me to make an analogy between the life of Seeq within an organization and child-rearing.  As a mom, I’m no stranger to the art of multitasking, strategic negotiations and getting creative to drive desired outcomes.  As a CSM, I understand that when your team brings Seeq into your organization, it is your baby and many of the same learned skills of parenthood apply to a successful launch and adoption. Our team is tasked with making sure you have all the right resources available to help your child grow and develop. 

From the initial rollout to the adoption, expansion and renewal phases, we understand that the life of Seeq within an organization is a journey. As your CSM team, we’re here to partner with you on this journey, sharing our experience and expertise every step of the way. 


Just like that first year with your child, the initial rollout and launch of your Seeq journey may feel overwhelming because you’ve likely never done it before. We have. And that’s why it’s important to lean on your CSM during this phase.   

And while your first year with Seeq will not involve extreme sleep deprivation, it will involve many questions during the launch and rollout: Where do we install Seeq? What’s a remote agent? How do I get the users trained? Your CSM will prepare a launch plan that includes all these details and more – from the software installation and data connections to user training and development of high-value use cases.   
As CSMs, we pull in the right Seeq resources with the right knowledge and expertise to answer whatever questions you need answered. 


Making it through those first weeks and months with your baby feels like a huge milestone. You’ve likely gained some confidence in your ability to parent and developed an indestructible bond with your child.  As you move out of the newborn phase, your child will begin exploring and interacting more with the world around it.  

This is the Seeq adoption phase. You will likely begin to shift your focus from installations, training and resources to ensuring that Seeq is being fully leveraged within different parts of the organization and providing value. In our experience, the most successful Seeq deployments are accomplished when the customer and the CSM have developed a strong partnership.   
While it’s critical for the customer and its champions to own the adoption of Seeq and its Seeq user community, the CSM is there to support in this endeavor. From our work with other customers and across industries, we can share best practices to ensure your team embraces Seeq. This part of your journey may include implementing a monthly Seeq user forum, running a Seeq hackathon, or identifying new strategic business areas where Seeq can be leveraged. Read more best practices from Seeq CSM Group Manager Nick Gigliotti here.   


This is where my analogy starts to diverge. Parents don’t have the choice to renew their child annually. With Seeq, you do. As a subscription software company, your business must be earned every year.     

While no job is harder than parenting, it is also the most rewarding.  As you watch your child grow, gain independence and explore the world around it, your love grows. And while it’s absurd to think about the idea of renewing your child every year, it would be an absolute no-brainer. 

As your CSM team, we are committed to ensuring that your decision to renew Seeq each year is also a no-brainer. We will work with you to ensure your organization gets the most value and largest return on its investment from Seeq. However, communicating value can be challenging. We will work with you to capture the high-value use cases, document the value and communicate it in a way that resonates, whether that’s cost savings, time savings, or emissions reductions, to name a few.   

Partner with your Customer Success Manager

About two years into my motherhood journey, I welcomed a second child. While in many ways easier than my first, I quickly realized that her likes and dislikes were much different than with my son and that my tricks for soothing a fussy baby were not effective. Just as no two children are the same, no two deployments of Seeq are the same. This is why partnering with your CSM on your Seeq journey is important. You know your organization, the business drivers and the stakeholders. We know Seeq and are ready to share our experiences and best practices from others in the industry to accelerate your success.  

For more pro-tips, contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Executive. 

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