Visual Search enables us to find important phases directly in the process data much more accurately and reliably than using data from the execution system. We can then quickly tie those phases to important quality and yield metrics and related independent variables.


- Sr. Operations Manager, Major Pharmaceutical


Pharmaceutical companies must thrive in a challenging business environment defined by regulations, competition, and operational excellence. Seeq enables the integration of myriad data sources for rapid investigation and insight to drive improved decision-making. To ensure you're maximizing the potential of implementing Seeq's advanced analytics, download Seeq's Validation Guidelines today.

Investigate data

Rapid investigation of process and quality data

Reduce costs

Reduce costs by improving operational efficiency

Efficient troubleshooting

Collaborate to create and share process knowledge

Increase value

Increase the value of existing data infrastructure

Improve efficiency

Improve batch consistency and identify deviation causality

Leverage Seeq’s Advanced Analytics to Improve Your Pharmaceutical Operation

Seeq provides the leading time-series virtualization, collaboration, and advanced analytics platform to improve business outcomes within pharmaceutical operations—including operational efficiency, batch consistency, rapid investigation of process and quality data analysis, and more.

Seeq’s applications connect to disparate data sources and provide rapid insights to improve operational decision-making. This application creates a simplified system for accessing difficult process data for multivariate data analytics that is easily deployed allowing access to data historians, IoT and cloud platforms, meeting regulatory requirements.

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